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Name:☺Youji Sagan [ Z E R O ]☻
Kink List is located: Here

Youji Sagan.
.5 of male ZERO.

Youji is an average height with a lean almost feminine build. He often wears loose, unisex clothing but will absolutely refuse to wear anything ultra feminine despite looking very much like a girl. His hair is long and aqua in color (sometimes more green, others more blue), with purple eyes.

Personality wise: sadistic, slightly arrogant, cruel to others (he likes to see people in pain), un-sympathetic and blunt to a point where it's almost an issue. However, on the flip-side, if he likes you and lets you in, he can be quite caring even if it isn't shown in the conventional sense.

He likes teddy-bears.

Disclaimer: I play Youji at the age of 17 at least, not 12. So don't come at me with "he's a CHILD, he shouldn't be doing these things!" I'm way ahead of you. I will only drop his age level down to his original if you specifically ASK for me to.

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